Wednesday, 28 October 2020

WOYWW 595 - the Spooktober edition


Or should that be "BOO!"?

Welcome to another edition of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, the linky and loads of other desks can be found here, courtesy of the rather lovely Mrs Dunnit.

I don't have a very interesting reason for having skipped a few weeks.  Seems I'm usually quite forgetful and then by the time I remember it's Thursday and it kind of negates the whole point.  However, today I have managed to get here relatively on time.

The desk itself looks little different.  I'm gradually compiling components for a Halloween bell jar project.  Might need to get a shift on with that, as Halloween itself is only a couple of days away!

The world at present mostly revolves around needlework - the joy of joining an online gaming....thing.... that vaguely resembles a book you used to roll dice to read.  Adventure books.  Except not much adventuring goes on - you join a clan, you all stitch, and create enough stitches to buy ingredients to build spells which you then throw at another clan until only one remains.... In it's most base form it sounds dull, but it certainly drives you to get big projects done and dusted!  I'm not the fasted of stitchers, but have managed to complete a couple of projects, as you well know.

The barn owl is finally complete, washed and awaiting framing...

The Peppermint Purple SAL is almost complete, we're in the final quarter of the year and although I'm a little behind (fnar fnar) by a couple of weeks, it won't take long to catch up!

I've been working on another project which I won't say too much about as I'm not sure the recipient ever lands on my blog, if she even knows it exists but suffice to say I'm working on this baby and it's close to done.  Just got to finish off the ring and add the back-stitch.

I also managed to make a couple more masks for me...

Next up to be worked on is this Halloween Hanging - I bought it at the Harrogate Knit & Stitch show back in 2017, and it's been lurking in my pile of "I'll get round to it someday" projects.  It’s a printed panel that you machine quilt and I’m looking forward to whipping it up. Somewhere I have all the bits for a Lily Bo quilt I promised.  It will still get done and sent... 

Once that's done, it'll be a few other stitching projects, as well as finishing off a half done jumper for Lil Miss B.  Back and front are done, need to stitch/crochet them together, do the sleeves and neckline, and it'll be done.  I have a couple of other knit/crochet projects to do after that one.

Oh - the knee is a lot better, by the way.  Going to have some doozy scars!  It's Mr B's turn now though - he managed to badly scald his left foot on Saturday 17 October and has been off work since, but hopefully will be fit enough to return to work on Monday.  Fingers crossed!

Anyway - off to do some work now (bah, hiss, curses!), so happy hopping folks!


Sarah Brennan said...

Glad the knee is better. Hope hubby's calds heal soon too. Love the cross stich projects and that bell jar sounds interesting. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

Julia Dunnit said...

I’m glad about the knee, hearing about David’s foot has made me wince, poor chap. Sending healing vibes. Lovely lovely stitch work, that SAL is absolutely gorgeous, I hope you’re loving it too! Is there such a thing as ‘behind’ when it comes to our crafts? I admit though that your Halloween stuff is approaching deadline. But then, it’ll just be on the list because sure as eggs is eggs...there’ll be another!

Mary Anne said...

Funny how we all seem to cycle thru various crafts. What I forget is thet WOYWW isn't really only about WOY WORKDESK - it could be your lap (knitting crochet x-stich) or floor (quilting and sewing) or whereever you do your creative work. I dropped out for a huge while cause I really wasn't feeling up to ding "workdesk" stuff but never gave up crafting - just limited myself to what I could do sitting on the sofa. Your blog really reminded me of the fact that workdesk is really only a loose definition of where we "show off" each week. and me? I love the variety!

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (7)

glitterandglue said...

Hi Morti. Goodness - what a week! Have you stopped at all to... well... eat or sleep, really? You have achieved so much. Well done. The owl is stunning - a glorious picture. I used to be able to do cross stitch really quickly - no longer! Takes me ages and I keep having to stop as my eyes aren't so young any more. Well done on the masks. I have a MR Men one which my daughter made for me. Lazy that I am!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #2

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ouch, poor David, that sounds awful - hope he’s healing ok - I’m glad that you are too! So great to see so many stitch projects on your desk this week, love the barn owl and the blue geostitchery, both so different but equally beautiful. You are good knitting a garment, my knitting is confined to small projects these days, beanie hats for Hats for the Homeless at the moment!
HUgs LLJ 11 xxx

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Di,love the facemasks. Looking cool.The owl is stunning, simply beautiful.That Halloween wall hanging is fab, smiling at the 'get round to it someday' pile. Gosh, I remember the Lily Bo quilts too. Good to hear your knee is ok, hope Davids foot heals up quickly.Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #3 X

Sue Jones said...

ohh wow , i love your needle work - the (blue) black work is my fav - beautiful !! Have a great week. Soojay #26

Helen said...

Good to hear your knee is recovering, the scar on my arm is quite gruesome to, even though it's healed neatly! Sounds like you have enough projects to keep you busy for quite some time! Take care, stay safe. Helen #1

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

So much going on here and all looking good. Pleased that the knee is getting better and hope hubby's foot is better soon, bet that hurt. Have a happy and creative woyww, Angela x18x

LuLu said...

your needle work is exquisite.

I like gaming too. Nowadyas, it all handheld solitaire or my Sudoku book before lights out - my hubby hates games - sigh!

And your owl is just gorgeous . I love owls, and collect owls. When I had my offsite art studio, there were 13 owl sculptures all lined up and displayed in a row. I also keep a picture of an owl vase I found online on my craft table under the cover of my Tonic Studio glass mat. I can see it whenever I'm working there!

LuLu #33

BJ said...

The barn owl is amazing!
Washed! Gosh I've never washed an embroidery???

Karen said...

Lot's of stitches going on ~ Wow you have some great projects started, and the owl is completed and looking beautiful. I love your Halloween masks ~ very festive and completed very timely. Blessings on your projects and your week ahead ~ Love, Karen#23

Chrissie said...

All your needlework projects look amazing, that owl is completely stunning. Since we lived in the USA some years ago I've always wondered about doing a sampler.. I love the look of them but I really don't know if I would have the stamina to actually finish one! I can dream!
Take care and stay safe
Chrissie #21

Crafting With Jack said...

Your needlework projects look great, I must admit I use to dread that final outline stitching. Fabulous masks too. Have a great week Angela #26

Spyder said...

Hi, long time no visit! I love the spooky mask. I have one with dog bones on it! (not dog bones...but bones that dogs like) that would be creepy! I am rubbish with anything sewing, yours look great! I was going to make the mask but luckily a local mask making lady made two from the bone material I gave her. Happy WOYWW

Shoshi said...

Lots of projects going on there, Morti. Your embroideries are lovely, especially the barn owl which is quite magnificent now it's finished, as I knew it would be. That's quite a labour of love. I love the blackwork project too.

Thank you for your visit - the main problem people have with reheating rice is that people allow it to cool naturally at room temperature, which creates an ideal environment for bacterial growth - warm and damp. The secret is to cool it rapidly by running cold water through it, and then, if you aren't going to eat it straight away, to put it in the fridge. Then reheat it rapidly too, by pouring boiling water through it. I have been doing this for years and never experienced any problems.

So glad you liked my tiny carpets and the kitties!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #14

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Those pattern of those cross-stitch squares remind me of the pattern in my gelli prints! The owl is coming around beautifully too! Hope you had a good Halloween- so sorry to be this late - I haven't checked my blog since last Thursday! Thanks so much for your comment - I might see you again this Wednesday! zsuzsa # 9 (I think)

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