Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sometimes it really IS the small things....

Ok, so a few of you noticed it was a today.  And I thank all you wonderful folks who left fab messages for me around the ether on forums and facebook and the like.  .

Yup.  Another year has sauntered past and pee'd on the proverbial fire that is my youth.  LOL.

Well, Mr B outdid himself on the present front this year.  Notable examples include an entire VILLAGE of Lilliput Lane that he managed to acquire (long story), a fabulous moon-gazing hare made of teak, a smoking dragon, tub of gesso, Hotel Chocolat chocolates..... I could go on.

But as my title tonight suggests, sometimes it really is the smallest things that mean a lot.  One of the first presents I opened this morning was this little fella....

Cute, eh?

Not just cute, but practical - press his tummy, and his feet light up! 

Now this gift matters hugely in two ways.  Mr B really does listen - I had a small torch affair on my keyring that was starting to die on me - it wouldn't stay lit etc.  So being switched on (snigger.... I punned unintentionally then) he has bought me a replacement.

Equally though, he knows my love of this blog which I take EVERY opportunity to promote (cue multiple retelling of how-I-got-the-torch-tale at work today) and have mentioned previously on here.  Go look.  He's on day 297.  He's nearly done for a second year, and you HAVE to go see all the pics.

Hmmm.  Now I just need a name for Lego-guy.......

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sandra de said...

Lovely gifts and all very original. Wishing you a fabulous belated birthday.

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