Tuesday, 10 May 2011

On the dangers of archery.......

One of the little known (well, to non-archers) but common problems with archery is that of the breaking bow.

No particularly common with the fibreglass, take-down composites or compound bows, it is - unfortunately - an all too common occurrence with wooden bows, and especially longbows.

Witness below - what happens when a wooden bow breaks at full draw (that is, the string pulled all the way back).

In nearly 20 years of shooting, I've only ever witnessed this event four times.  And each of those four times the archer has stepped away from the broken bow with no injuries at all.

We thank all the Gods (and Goddesses) that she still has two eyes.


Gez Butterworth said...

Oh my! scarey stuff. It looks painful. Glad it was nothing worse.xx

Lavinia said...

I have only been witness to a Limb brake next to me on the line, it was loud enough to make me jump & scary enough to make the Archer have a six week sabbatical! Poor girl bet that was very scary...thank the God's she ok! Bet it was quite loud too! Sending my thoughts for a speedy recovery! No real crafting for a while, got lots going on in my life at the mo & lots of changes! Be back soon, Take care Morti, BB! x

Conisbrough Castle Archers said...

Ouch! Very painful!

I've seen a recurve bow become unstringed at the shooting line at a competition... The archer had to go recover the limbs from near the target.

I've also had limbs become unclipped whilst stringing the bow... Im glad I didnt look as it snapped right across my chest leaving a massive bruise!

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