Wednesday, 16 March 2011

WOYWW 93 - the one with the sigh of relief

I has done it!!!


One CJ finished, and today winging its way to its owner.  Flo, it's coming home!

Sadly, for the rest of you that is going to mean a wait of at least another 24 hours to see the finished page properly - can't publish it to here before the owner gets her mitts on it, eh?


Welcome to WOYWW (for more info, visit Desk Director Dunnit here) once more, and as you can see from the picture below, there is next to nothing on my desk!  Whoopie!!!  I've finished the CJ and tidied up, and you can see it there being photographed before I cut the work in half..... ulp..... and put holes in for where Flo is going to use her BIA to bind it.  Yes, you're going to need big O wires, me dear!  

I'm not sure what my next project will be.  Probably Mother's Day cards.  I also have a load of cards to make for Mr B's staffroom.  He's in a small village school which has a post box and no shop, so the other teachers find themselves caught on the hop cardwise occasionally.  They've asked that I provide a box of cards.  I think that's pretty cool....

Other than that, not much to report.  We spent last Sunday at Corfe Castle shooting, and the weather was fab as you can see below.  What more could you want, eh?

Well, short and sweet - be sure to check back in a day or so for the full pic of the CJ!  And there's a blogoversary coming up too - with Blog Candy to come!

Catch you on the bloghop!


jude said...

Will pop back to see your finished CJ.I did one few years ago and theya re great keepsakes.
Happy wednesday hugs judex9

Helen said...

What a view!

okienurse said...

Looking forward to seeing the CJ. I love the picture of the castle. That is very nice. beautiful weather! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #52

Minxy said...

Yep clear desk fever is definitely sweeping the nation, bet flo will be thrilled with her CJ, it's so nice when they come home :D
Happy Wednesday
StAy InKy
hugs Minxy #28

Karen said...

A lovely photo of Corfe castle, how lovely to see blue sky, I am glad you all had a fab day :)
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #73

sandra de said...

Can't wait to see the finished CJ. Weekend pic looks devine. Shooting pics/clay putty things or the family?

Julia Dunnit said...

Ooh that is going to be a fat CJ, how fab! Love your artwork there Morti. Great to have a captive audience at school...maybe you should sell little gifts too!

Sarah said...

Table looks ready for art for one!!! hope the CJ comes along nicely...
Wishing you lots of creative fun. Thanks for sharing your work desk,

Sasa (Sarah at 3)

JoZart Designs said...

Great post shared... lovely pics and look forward to the journal unveiling.
JoZarty x

The Crafty Elf said...

Your picture of the castle is amazing! I see a lovely picture on your desk and would love to see it up close.
Thanks for sharing.

Mrs A. said...

No it's no good I'm going to have to admit defeat and show my ignorance by asking what a CJ is? It took me ages to work out LO.
Hugs Mrs A. #57

Annie said...

I'm having a really busy week but am quickly dropping by to make sure all our WOYWW friends get the chance to win the last of our weekly draws before the BIG one over in our blog shop. Pop over and join in the fun. Good luck.
A x

Hettie said...

Ooo. Looking forward to seeing your CJ completed. I'll have to take a peek! Nice to be able to sell your cards - making stuff you like to make and getting paid for it so you can buy more stash! I do that in work but my box is sadly depleted at the mo. Must do some more!

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Being very thick today, my brain cannot work out what CJ stands for, but that picture on your desk looks great.

shazsilverwolf said...

Thats great, being asked to provide a box of cards.Its always a 'wow# moment when you find others like your work, isn't it. Great pic on your desk too. Shaz #148

Maggie's Crafts said...

Great pics!

Thank you for sharing. :)

Want to know more about shrink plastic? Pop over to my blog to see shrink plastic tutorial.:)


Tertia said...

Would love to see the finished CJ, did one a few years ago and STILL waiting for mine! Of the 14 that took part, only 2 recieved theirs, so I am a bit weary to take part again.
Happy belated WOYWW

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