Thursday, 25 November 2010

Not mad enough????

I got accused of not rambling madly enough by the ever lovely Doone.  I must apologise for this lapse in current mental status.

All was rectified last night on my return home, and I have something suitably mad and random for you....

Me:  "So, how was school today?"

Lil Miss B:  "It was ok..."

Me;  "Only ok?  What did you get up to?"

Lil Miss B: "Nothing special.  I had to dress up as a banana"

Me:  " A banana???"

Lil Miss B: "Oh yes!  And not just any old banana - a Fair Trade Banana..."

The mind boggles..........


Anonymous said...

lol! kids eh?!

donnalouiserodgers said...

thank you , madness restored, all is well in the web world


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