Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Done it at last!!!!

Another WOOHOO from me – I’ve finally despatched that CJ that has been lurking shamefully on my desk for the last couple of months! YAY!!!

I always had it in mind what I wanted to do – Alison wanted us to use a cobweb stamp (shudder, I hate cobwebs, the real ones that is) but our pages were really to reflect something that meant home to us. When I read that, my mind was instantly drawn to the view from my childhood bedroom window. Urban (not city like the cityscape I used, but heigh ho, I wanted to reflect that it was London) but every May the Lilac outside my window would flower. Even now, I see them in other gardens and my mind is drawn back to home – where my Mum still lives, and has done since before I was born!

LH Page


RH Page

So, the Lilac stamp is Joanna Sheen, the cityscape is Crafty Individuals, though I gather it’s probably a royalty free image as a couple of other stamp companies have it too, and Big Ben is from Xelacrafts. The cobweb stamp is by a company I don’t know, though I’m sure that Alison would tell me if I asked. I added the hanging spider myself in pen.

Inks used are DI’s – Faded Jeans and Antique Paper. I also used Copics on the Lilacs, but can’t remember which ones (tut tut, silly me) though I DO recall one of them being V04! A touch of hologram EP over silver pigment ink for the spider’s web, and LOADS of masking….. hehehehehe.

The poem is by Komalik – the full version is way longer, but I think the first couple of lines sum it up beautifully. If you want to attach any meaning to the way I’ve put the words on the page, see them as the scent, wafting in the breeze…… lol.

Alison, I hope you like it, cos I had a ‘mare making it – between not having the right stamps, not having the right mojo, being ill, taking on board a ten yr old, and then finding my paper clay had - expired, shall we say? - it’s taken me a while to do this one, and not with the textural element I had hoped to give it. I’m pleased with the result though!


donnalouiserodgers said...

absolutely wonderful

Anonymous said...

Your pages are beautiful Diane! Love that poem too, & the way you've written it!
Alison (Not 'The Alison' tho! Lol!) xx

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