Sunday, 5 October 2008

Oooohhhhh - Changes!!!!

Well, whaddya fink?

I found this AWESOME site that allows you to pick up templates and attach them to your blog to add a bit more bling to it. It's bugged me for AGES that I had these blank panels either side of my blog, and now they're gone.

This template is a little bit full on for my liking, but was preferable to any others I saw on their website (see little tag, top left, for details). Once I can get my head round their "how to" template, I will have a stab at making my own on PSP. And if that fails, I shall have to sweet-talk an acquaintance of mine, the fabulous Inchy at Siggi Shop, to extend her range and maybe make something that matches my header. My fabulous header. Which she made.


Unknown said...

I think this is a perfect match for your header...looks great!

The Button Witch said...

blog looks great diane love the music too

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