Sunday, 12 October 2008



As promised....

The Blog Candy for the challenge.

For your delight, and delectation.....

Not one, not two but eleven.... YES ELEVEN..... of the Colorbox Cats Eye Chalk Ink pads.

They're duplicates that I've already got - and these are still sealed!

So, the challenge is that I'd like to see YOU make a card like the one in the other post. A maximum of two stamps, one colour of ink, one colour of embossing powder (can be the same or a tonal one). No pre-printed background papers!

As per usual, put your cards on your blog, and link back to mine. I'll then pick a winner out at random. Probably using as that seems to be flavour of the month! If you don't have a blog, email your work to me and I'll upload it to my blog.

And the deadline is....... ooh, let's have a long one! Midnight on Saturday the 18th October!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

So join in!!!! What are you waiting for!!???


Unknown said...

Ooooo my favourites..I will definately take part in this challenge

Hazel said...

This is a fab challenge (and lovely candy too!). I've done a card for this - it's here:

Fiona said...

Can you extend the time Diane - I'd like to join in but haven't got much time this weekend xx

Sid said...

Glad you extended the time limit Diane, here is a link to my card:

Hazel said...

Hi Diane, here's my entry (sorry, forgot how to make a live link on blogger!)
I found this really challenging- simple isn't always easy!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the challenge Diane

You can see my card HERE

Julie x

Stitchinwitch said...

That was a great challenge. You can see my effort Here

Lorraine said...

Have had a go at this interesting challenge..check out "simple card" on my blog (dont know how to do a link!)

Cazzy said...

OOOOO, if only I had been able to log in to UK Stampers I would have known about this!

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