Sunday, 13 January 2008

Welcome, Inchy!

Or Jo.

Or whatever you prefer to be called!

Why am I welcoming her? WELL, for starters - Inchy made my header (which if it's not there, it soon will be, has done some Siggi's for me and.... tada!.... has just joined the Blogging Revolution. So welcome to Blogland, Inchy! We hope you will be happy here!

I'll add a proper link here as soon as I can snag her logo - but for now you will find her under "Siggi Shop Blog Spot" in the "blogs I browse" section!

1 comment:

Jo said...

hehehehe! BOO!
Thanks hunni, yes i've just arrived in Blogland! dunno what to do tho lol but i'll learn ;)
Thank you for allowing me to design your banner/siggis, very much appreciated xx

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