Wednesday, 24 February 2021

WOYWW 612 - Rudolph Eve

Hello, deskers!  Welcome back to WOYWW - that weekly roundup of all things deskish, hosted by the lovely Julia.  Details can be found here if you'd like to join in, or want to go on a bloghop round the desks.

This week is more of the same (stitching, not crying!) with a random card thrown in for good measure...

The desk itself has had a bit of a tidy up, but there's a load of stuff sat on it ready for tomorrow's Rudolph Day, when I shall make a couple of Christmas cards, and maybe work on one or two other things.  I have Thursdays off at the moment (which will switch to Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri mornings off from next week.  Flexi-furlough, don't you know.

One of the other desks had a bit of a tidy up too.  It had been piled high with fabric and assorted oddments.  Now it has been cleared, but there's still quite a bit on it.  I've got a couple of projects on the go there, and also some stitchy stash waiting for me to film a flosstube where I can show off my recent haul.  There won't be much more purchased going forwards though!  Time to rein in the spending a little.... heheheh.

So, updates:

Siren's Lament

Mr Christmas Moose

Peppermint Purple's 2021 stitchalong - not much done to it but YAY! Patterns!

Also found lurking and needing love is this hardanger piece I started goodness knows how many moons ago (the needle had rusted into the fabric), and is worked from a pattern from an old Jane Greenoff Cross Stitch magazine.  I have no idea what issue number it is... I did try to find out when the magazine was last in print and know it was going until at least 2005, but couldn't find out any concrete information.

Next month is March Mayhem - a group on FB of stitchers who broke away from May-nia which was another group of individuals doing a crazy challenge stitch wise.  I think there may be a competition to see who can do the most new project starts, or how many WIPS you can be working on at any given time!  My foray into this world of craziness is that I'm going to do "March Mill Hill Mayhem".  Nicely alliterated, I thought.  But basically, I'm going to try and do as many Mill Hill kits as I can in the next month.  The idea being to do a bit of stash-busting and get them stitched and up on our craft tree this Christmas.  And Halloween.  We have a Halloween/Samhain tree too.  I have 5 more Halloween Mill Hill kits to do.  And about 16 Christmas ones.  Best guess is that I might get a quarter of them done if I'm lucky but if I persevere, maybe half.  Which will be ten more than I would have otherwise.  Apologies for the glare on the top three.  

So, back at the beginning of this post I mentioned a card, and I alluded to it last week when I said that I never thought I'd be kicking off my non-Christmas card making with this particular variety of card, but here it is.  

Needless to say, it was sent to Doug.  Forgive me if I don't tell you all I wrote in it, but the night before I wrote it, I was binge-watching Criminal Minds and they start and end the programme with quotes.  One episode ended with:

"Death ends a life, not a relationship", Mitch Alborn.

That quote has stuck with me, and I put it into the card along with our own sentiments. How very true.  

And in recognition of the lovely Shaz, I'm going to add a finishing funny:

Perfectly describes this household currently...

Happy hopping!


Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy WOYWW. Mill Hill - that is a company name that brings back happy memories of when I was running my cross stitching company (mail order, Ebay and market stalls). I used to sell a lot of their kits and charts. Now I feel a trip to Ebay coming on to look for a kit to do! Beautiful card for Doug and I love that quote. The 'funny' made me chuckle. Reminds me of getting ready to take Buzz the Dog out for a walk in the rain (he would gladly have his rain coat put on and then stand patiently looking rather sad whilst I put on all my layers - he would rather stay in his bed!). He went over Rainbow Bridge in September and I no longer go out for walks unless the weather is ok, but I do miss him. Ali x #26

glitterandglue said...

Morning Morti. Goodness me - you have been busy with your stitching this week. You must work at a terrific rate of knots!!! Well done. you have so many projects on the go - and are planning on even more with your Mill Hill Mayhem. I wish you well!. I have a piece of Hardanger I started years ago - it was going to be a tablecloth.... hmmm... must get it out and carry on at some point - advent calendar first, though, I think.
That's a beautiful card you made for Doug - and that sentiment is lovely.
As for the "and finally" - hilarious!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #9

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Amazing what we find in our stash from years gone by, I have too many unfinished projects that I know will never be completed. Wishing you all the best with that stitch challenge i'm hold my faith in you that you get more than a quarter of the way through them. Just enjoy the journey along the way.
Best wishes this WoywW Tracey #4
Beautiful sympathy card im memory of Shaz x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, that stopped me in my commenting tracks [ what a brilliant and beautiful thought you shared at the end, I’ll remember that one. How many projects are you going to have in going?? I admire your stamina and resilience :-)
Hugs LLJ 5 xxxx
PS And I still love the moose best!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Looks like you have enough stitching projects to keep you occupied for the rest of the year! Love the card and the funny - these closing funnies will now always take on a different meaning - bitter sweet - in memory of Shaz. Have a lovely week! xx zsuzsa #27

Sarah Brennan said...

Looks like you have a large kit challenge ahead of you Diane. Love the card you made for Doug and the quote you included. The and finally made me smile! Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #11

Lisa-Jane said...

Oh my, I really like those Samhain designs!! We normally change our tree out with the seasons but I haven't managed it for a while. I love the idea of hanging cross stitched ornaments on it. I have one of those bendy white twiggy trees for my seasonal displays. Loving the moose too - he looks so fun! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #14

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I keep thinking I should start making some Christmas cards, maybe need a specific day then I will be a bit more organised with it. I love the funny it always reminds me of our dogs though to be honest they have nearly as many coats as we have but it's for our good really not theirs as it makes less work cleaning them when we get home. Have a lovely week and happy woyww, Angela x19x

Helen said...

Well that is just a perfect quote! You seem to have been productive enough for all of us this week! Also sounds like you'll have a busy March! I used your suggestion to finish my Shaz tribute so thankyou. Helen #10

Mary Anne said...

Loving all your needle work, and that quote, oh my, it's a GREAT one. I love finding hidden treasures in my stash - sometimes I even use them, but not always :)

Oh no! I'm late for WOYWW!
Mary Anne (2)

Lindart said...

What a beautiful card, and a beautiful quote! It's funny how these things pop up right when we need them! Good for you with all your cross stitching! My eyes would not be able to handle it now, but I used to do a lot of it when I was much younger! Have fun with March Mayhem! Lindart #36

Crafting With Jack said...

Gosh that could turn out to be an expensive challenge, buying all the kits! You projects are coming along nicely. It’s nice to have a variety on the go. Angela #31

Lillianb said...

Oh you have set yourself a lot to do and lots of luck with it, It sure will keep you busy, Loving the card. and the funny,

Take care and stay safe,

Lilian B #16

Susan Renshaw said...

That is a wonderful quote!

What a lot of stitching - and what a lot to do! I did a Mill Hill pumpkin for last Halloween - it was finished for Christmas!

Happy WOYWW! Susan #8

Shoshi said...

My goodness, Morti, you are steaming ahead with your embroideries - great progress this week. I absolutely love the Shamrock Hardanger piece - fabulous colour and design. That's a great card, too.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #15

Julia Dunnit said...

Sorry I’m late. Seriously Morti, you have a lot of stuff! love the thought of you stitching like mad through March, and I do agree, anything you can finish will be a bonus. I can totally understand the attraction of lots of WIPS, but it really doesn’t work for me. Over the years I’ve noticed that if I have more than one thing on the go, eventually, everything else is neglected in favour of actually finishing something. I get sick of them all hanging around! Talk about inflexible! I LOVE the hardanger, it’s so pretty, what a nice thing to find while you’re rummaging. I can see why you cheer at the patterned piece too, although I love the work on Siren’s lament, it must make you a bit cross eyed after a while. But what do I know, I don’t work that small, every,,

BJ said...

Beautiful card and Yes Criminal Minds quotes are some of the great ones. Love that show. All that stitching, amazing. If everyone sent me a screenie I'd be gobsmacked. :) Thanks for the visit BJ#1

Spyder said...

Evening Morti. It looks like you're going to be really busy! I love the Halloween samples (and the others too) they all look like fun! And the card to Doug is just purfect. Sorry so late, my new laptop is silver and I can't see the letters so it takes me ages to type anything! Or actually spell any thing right! Probably why I'm always late! Stay safe! Keep crafting. Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #6

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