Wednesday, 22 July 2020

WOYWW 581 - the multi-desk one

Hello again!

Bit of a difference today. 

I’m sat in my “office” which really means I’m sat in my craft room which has my “office” within it... Time for some desk sharing, although not the office part as it’s full of confidential stuff and nonsense. 

The paper crafting desk has got significantly worse but it’s in part due to Miss B having a birthday coming up and I’ve had to hide a couple of bits. As someone has commented previously, yes, naturally there’s a lot of purple... 🤣🤣🤣. I had a very dear friend - who sadly passed away this year - once tell me that if I wore any more purple I’d look like a Ribena Berry. Given that I was significantly slimmer back then, it stuck in my mind and I rarely if ever wear head-to-toe purple. 

RIP, my lovely Jayne. Thank you for saving me from Ribena-Berryness. 

On the other side of me is my stitching desk - beautifully clear by comparison. On it are the parts for making some masks for Miss B, as she starts work back at the bar again from 1st Aug and could do with a couple more. I found a rather good pattern online that had multiple sizes, rather than a one size first not all kind of pattern. 

Moving round we have the old Ikea expedit, or Kallax as I think they now call them, and a myriad of boxes and pots and beads and.... everything. It houses beads and buttons, patterns and paper, dies for paper crafting and wool, needlework and jewellery kits, plus much much more. I’m gradually sorting and tidying it because things have kind of been wedged where there was a space as we endeavoured to empty boxes over the last year. Some still haven’t made it here from storage. 

Round to the right and past the door are the drawer units many of you have come to know and love. These also need a good sort through and tidy up, and several things on top shouldn’t really live there (like two pairs of bridesmaid shoes 🙄). Mr B keeps threatening to put more shelves up for me. I live in hope. 

There’s still a goodly pile of bits in front but considering that three weeks ago you couldn’t really get to the drawers without scaling a cardboard mountain, I’d like to think I’m doing fairly well. I must confess that one box is full of clothes for the charity shop, when it eventually reopens. 

And lastly, back full circle to above the desk and laden shelves. Again, these need a proper sorting and I mourn the fact that I’ve had to give up space one end for office type necessities. Grrr. 

I’ve just realised that my magnifying lamp is shaped a bit like K9’s head (from Dr Who, a millennia ago). LOL. 

Till next time!!


Sarah Brennan said...

I had to go back and look at the lamp after the Doctor Who reference. I love IKEA units for storage in my shed too. You have a very cool craft room. Hopefully the office will not be needed there for too much longer. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

Annie Claxton said...

HI Morti, your craft looks like mine - stuffed to the gills with crafty goodness and hehehe yes you definitely have K9 in residence! Hope you get to spend more time at the fun end and less at the business end :) Annie C #17

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It is K9!! Lol, that's one of those things that you can't un-see now *grin*. It's good to know that you're happy in your new craft room and well done for getting most of it unpacked. I've experimented with masks as well as the pleated ones just didn't suit me - you can see the results on my desk today!
And we all need true friends who will tell you about the spinach in the teeth or the mahoosive Hag Hair or, indeed, being too purple *hugs*
LLJ 4 xxxx

glitterandglue said...

Hi Morti. Good to have a snoop right around your room today. It looks really busy - and it sounds like you are being kept busy too what with sorting, climbing cardboard mountains and sewing! Hope you are well roped when you go mountaineering :-)
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #7

Helen said...

I think your room looks fabulous, and very organised. yes, the lamp is like K9! Happy WOYWW Helen #2

lisa said...

Lovely to have a 360 view of your craftiness. It's a great space. We all seem to be on mask making duties at the moment, I made another 6 today. I keep thinking I'm done and then another request comes.
Take care and have a good week
Hugs Lisax #13

Lisa-Jane said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one spending more time sorting than crafting! It makes you realise how much stuff you have doesn't it? Have a fantabulous week! Lisa-Jane #1

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Looks like a great crafty space in there, love it. Bit late as we've managed an afternoon outside with friends. Hope your woyww has been good too. Hugs, Angela x11x

Julia Dunnit said...

K9s head, LOL!!! Absolutely right! wow missus, you do have a lot of stuff. Now we’ve had a tour around, we need to have a view inside each draw and box! I’ve got bags and boxes waiting for charity, Have been moving them from room to room for what seems like ages...they don’t half get in the way!!

Julia Dunnit said...

K9 LOL! So true!! Wow you have a lot of stuff! Now we’ve seen the outsides on a 360 degree journey, we prolly need to see some of the insides too! I know the problem of the bags waiting for charity shop delivery...I’ve moved a couple from room to room for weeks now, they don’t half get in the way! I like the big paper clips notice board!

Susan Renshaw said...

Wow...what a fantastic craft room! Would love to come and have a nosy in all those boxes and drawers!!
Happy woyww! Stay Safe, keep well!
Susan #15

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. Thank you for the tour. I am nosy and love to look around craft rooms! You have a lot of stash. As a multi-crafter myself, I am moving more to digital crafting to avoid getting my craft room (which is also my office) into its previous crowded state (I sold/donated a lot of stash last year). We plan to move in the next few years, so I am being my future best friend! Ali x. #28

Shoshi said...

Lovely to have a tour of your fabulous studio, Morti! Like you, I adore purple but have no qualms of wearing it from top to bottom and who cares if I look like a Ribena berry lol lol!! Purple is fun. I love your Ikea shelving unit and all your storage. It looks very organised.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi x #19

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