Monday, 5 September 2011

Monday's Musings....

So, here I am a week-plus on from having moved, and am back at work.  I've had a couple of days of crippling pain in my right arm/hand from too much cleaning, and am tired and emotional, but other than that it's all gone rather well.

Apart from Lil Miss B "losing" a jumper at school on only her second day.  We say "losing" because we think another child took it, but whether by accident or intent we can't say.  What we can say is that her art teacher instructed her and the rest of the class to leave their bags and coats outside the classroom for the duration of the lesson, and when she went outside at the end of it, her jumper had gone.  As you can imagine, impressed we are not.  Should it not turn up, the school will be requested to provide a replacement.  And lockers.  Irate Mum on the way....

Today, I am

• listening - to the sound of my work colleagues making zillions of calls.
• eating – leftover pasta for lunch - yum!
• drinking - Apple and blackcurrant squash, with a coffee chaser
• wearing - winter clothes - jumper, corduroy skirt, knee high brown boots!
• feeling - emotional and tired, it's been a hard 10 days.
• wanting - another week of holiday to get over last week, and maybe actually get the house square.
• needing - ditto above...
• thinking - that my lunchbreak must be nearly over and isn't it hometime yet??????
• enjoying - living in a village where we've been made so very, very welcome.
• wondering - if LLJ will forgive me for not having replied to her text on Friday!
• and the weather - is changeable with occasional scattered showers.
Hmmm, must do that more often!


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Morti so very glad to hear things are starting to move on a slightly more even keel always takes ages to settle to e new place. Hopefully jumper returns for all your sanity's sake.. God bless,
Shaz in oz.x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Morti, tis me again - been missing you and praying for you - trust all is okay there and you are just snowed under there with all your work? love and God's blessings upon you and those you love, Shaz.xx

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