Monday, 14 February 2011

Thanks Sandra.....

for tagging me!

I think it might be my very first.  At the least, it's my second, but if it is it's been so long since the first one I've forgotten who when and what!

Anyways, this is quite a special tag....

There are a couple of conditions attached to this award:

Once TAGGED and if you want to participate, then you create a post where you post the 'LOVE BLOG' image.

You should also blog the persons link that gave you the award and inform her/him that you accept the award.

You then choose 3 - 5 favourite blogs which you also link in your post, then inform each blogger that they have been tagged.

The aim of the award is that we bring good blogs to light, folks who are quite a small concern, who maybe haven't had many tags or blog awards, so I would ask you not to blog fellow bloggers that already have 3,000 followers. Just new blogs with a small group of followers.

First up I need to say a huge thanks to sandra de who is the sweetheart who has kindly tagged me.

Secondly, I've put the pic in once, but I'll go for a second shot for good measure:

And lastly,  I will pass the award along to:

Sasa who always exudes elegance with her craft, and looks like she's having a blast doing it....

Minxy for just being fantastic - she's not been so well, but has managed to run swaps etc and her style of craft is fab.

Lavinia definitely gets a shout from me - she shows just exactly WHAT is possible with things that some of the...erm....more snobby crafters amongst us will turn their noses up at.  Which is a shame.  Lavinia has vision and talent, and does not conform to the current trends.  Or another way to put it is that she has peeloffs and she's not afraid to use them.  To great effect, I might add.

Susan Raihala gets my next vote - talk about stripping back and laying bare crafting!  The whole point of her blog is to keep it simple, pare right back to the bare minimum, particularly with her One Layer Wednesday challenge.  It's quite liberating, and you soon learn not to fear white spaces.  Go Susan!

Finally, Voodoo Vixen.  I would tag her for no other reason than her fantastic work space, if there was no other reason.  However, the work she turns out is worth a look at and very inspirational.
If you don't want to participate that's ok -  the whole point is for you to know that your blog has been recognised and we want others to know about your cool blog .....


Susan Raihala said...

Oh thank you so much for the honor and your kind words!!!!

Minxy said...

Thank you hun.. totally forgot about this..brain like sieve!! might get it blogged one of these days but i'm honored you picked me XXX

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