Sunday, 16 November 2008

I've been tagged!

How cool is this? My first ever tag! Sorry it took me a couple of days to notice...LOL

Well, Stitchinwitch over at Stitchinwitch's Rat Cage has tagged me to list 7 weird things about me. Ok, I know I'm a bit weird, but am I THAT weird? Let's see....

1) I have double jointed elbows. Not completely, but enough that when I lean on a table with my hands, and my arms are straight, they're not, they bend inwards. And I can rotate my arms on a 180 degree axis in a way that makes people go "eeeewww".

2) I used to like eating plain chocolate digestives with salt and vinegar crisps.

3) I'm a medieval re-enactor. Not weird to some, but weird to a lot of others!

4) I spent the last winter solstice watching the sun come up at Stonehenge - and hope to do the same thing this year.

5) Not sure if this counts as weird, but in 2006 I appeared in Panto in France....

6) I called my first car Frodo...

7) I really was one of those sad people who bought Kylie Minogue's "I should be so lucky" on a 7" single, just so I could play it at 33rpm to see if she sounded like Rick Astley. And she did! ROFLMAO.

Ok. I hope they're weird enough. Now I have to tag 7 people too.....

1. Fi on Magickdiva
2. Jo at Siggi Shop
3. Jan at Die Cut Queen - time you blogged, hun!
4. Sandie at The Cockney Crafter
5. Storm at Simply Storm
6. Julie on Scrapping Away
7. Grendel at Scrapbook Widower

Phew - that was hard work!!!!

Now to let them all know I've tagged them.... tee hee


Stitchinwitch said...

Medieval re-enactment sounds like fun. Kylie LOL

Jo said...

dare I admit it.... I bought Kylie's first album!!

have to think of 7 weird things about me then..hmmmmmm

Sarah said...

we used to do the winter solstice back in the mid 80s when the police didn't let you near the henge for the summer one (battle of the bean field and all that)

in 1984 they were even barricading during the winter solstice so we had to set up camp at Old Sarum castle - the weather was so awful we camped in the moat. I swear I have never been so cold in my LIFE, shivering just thinking about it!

but it was all worth it to see the sun rise over the stones

Anonymous said...

so kewl reading about you..and wow about stonehedge..that is one kewl place! i've alwayz wanted to visit any pics to share..i'd love to see them

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