Saturday, 27 September 2008

The end of summer for sure....


After all that - we've had more good weather. So it's the end of summer, take two.

This isn't exactly going to be a long post - I'm here mainly because I know one or two of you often check in to keep up to date with what's going on in my life.

Well, there's not much happening, if I'm honest.

My world mostly exists of staring at the ceiling at the moment. Any other position ranges from just uncomfortable, to downright agony. I'm not complaining - don't get me wrong about that - it's just a fact of my life right now, though how long for I don't know. I am still working - though I got sent home Thursday lunchtime and forced to take some extra time out of my holidays. That's ok as I still have plenty to take!

As mentioned in my previous post, my back is playing up. In fact it's creating merry hell, so sitting at a computer for any length of time is not good. Shame my work basically is all done on a computer, eh? ROFL. Ouch.

So I'm on Diclofenac Sodium, as much rest as I can get, and a healthy dose of physio that I had to crawl into the local hospital and practically beg for. Ho hum.

So my sincere apologies for not being here when I should have. I have no obligation to blog, but a desire to. And I miss it.

There you have it.

I will try and come back again soon!

1 comment:

The Button Witch said...

AWWW Hun sorry to hear your suffering Hope the diclofenac and physio helps
Hugs Shellie

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