Friday, 9 February 2007

No Snow!

Well, as I've not posted for a few days, I figured I ought to stick something in here to keep my faithful few readers amused (lest they disappear entirely).

So, what news?

Whilst the rest of the country has been frolicking in 6 inches or so of snow, down here in the depths of Dorset we've had rain. It started yesterday morning, then stopped almost immediately (or so it seemed) and we had a day of blue skies and sunshine. Today has been a day of absolute miserableness (is there such a word?) with overcast skies and pouring rain. So miserable in fact, that I didn't even walk the dogs tonight. Pretty much unheard of round here, and the dogs are playing up even as I type this, wondering what's going on as there's been such a major break to their routine. Bless 'em.

On the crafting front, not a lot has happened. I did manage to get the latest CJ in my possession done and posted on, but as we're not sharing what we've done - to keep the end results a surprise - I won't post a picture up here yet. I have managed to get a little bit of stitching done on the piece I started for Mum last year. I really should have finished it by now. In fact, it was supposed to have been finished for her birthday last July. Then it was supposed to have been finished for Christmas. If she's really lucky, she may get it for Mother's Day instead. I can't even say that it's because it's such a big piece, because it's not! It is a little complicated though, but I'm actually almost finished and just have some backstitching to finish off. And then frame it. And then start another one for MIL. Watch this space for a photo when I get it finished.

The really nosey folks amongst you will have looked at my profile and spotted something about me doing Medieval Re-enactment. You may even have clicked the link over there to the right to "Wolfshead Bowmen" which is the society I belong to. Things are hotting up over there events wise this year, and we've just heard that the big Carew 500 event this year will also play host to the Mediaeval Baebes on the Saturday night. Tickets haven't been released yet, but already DH is nagging me to get them. I think he just likes the girls....rofl....whereas I'm more into the music. Should be interesting - last time we saw them was about 4 years ago at the Y theatre in Leicester, and just as they started one song the fire alarms went off and we all had to evacuate. Cue cute firemen.

I've been remiss in sending out birthday cards, lately, so Happy Birthdays should go out to Robin, Miranda, Bailey and Martin. Plus anyone else I've forgotten/don't know about.

What do you think of my new Avatar? I got it from and I think it's fab. If you decide to get one, list me as a referral (they know me as MadMorti) and I'll get some virtual coinz to spend on a better frock! Ha!

What's up for the next few days? Well, we're off to Dorchester tomorrow to have a nose around. DH wants to go and see Hannibal Rising - and I'm doing my best to dissuade him. I'd like to see it too, but looking at the reviews I'm loath to waste my money. Better to watch it on Sky Box Office in a few months! We didn't get to see The Da Vinci Code when it came out (we were in France, and there aren't many films shown there in VO, or "Version Originale"), and that's currently showing on SBO, so I may yet win.

Sending a wave to Skippie and her hat.....

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