Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WOYWW 208 - Happy 4th!!!

Welcome to a special WOYWW - the 4th anniversary/ birthday edition. If you've never stumbled across this before, all the deets can be found here.  I'm a bit late getting to the party this week, and I don't really have a desk per se but here is a gratuitous floor shot of Mr B working in the lounge on "something for the wedding"!  LOL

The "something" is too big for the normal desk, and Mr B has self-nominated for the working on this one... Sigh... Lucky me!

I don't have a regular desk this week because I figured you've seen enough buttons for now. I'm also a bit under the weather at the mo thanks to school lurgy coming home via Mr B so my mojo is running a bit low at the moment. That along with all the busy-ness means that this year I won't be taking part in the ATC swap, but I look forward to seeing the ATCs on everyone else's blogs!

Happy hopping one and all...!


CraftygasheadZo said...

Well it looks intriguing whatever MR B is working on! Hope to see you on Saturday. Take care Zo xx 79

Elizabeth said...

Hello Morti, happy 4th anniversary to you :) Sorry to find you are under the weather - hope you're right as rain soon. I'm ashamed to admit that I've just caught up with your blog and all I can say is belatedly, very belatedly, congratulations on your impending nuptials. The buttonhole is gorgeous and I can't wait to see your bouquet - I'm certain it is going to be absolutely and uniquely stunning. Hope you've had a lovely WOYWW, Elizabeth x #155

Jenny Marples said...

Happy WOYWW Morti. Hope you feel better soon. The cold, miserable weather can't be helping on top of everything else. Good to see Mr B taking over there and ploughing on with the plans. Hugs, Jenny #102

Krisha said...

Sorry to hear your not up to par and not swapping,BUT at least you came to the party!!
Krisha #140

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, it was nice to see you both earlier!! Lots of exciting things to talk about, eh?? I wonder what Mr B is up to there then??
Happy 4th WOYWW!
Hugs, LLJ 9 xxxx

Helen said...

boo to school lurgy! I am recovering from a cold and full can guess the rest! Hopefully ok by Saturday! Helen, 38

Kyla said...

Men it.
Hope u are on the mend for Saturday


shazsilverwolf said...

Hope the lurgy is on its way out now! Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday, !Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #150 xx

Kate said...

Hate that school lurgy I seem to catch it every time. Feel better soon.


Unknown said...

Oh get better soon, or I will feed you chicken soup and
Fuss over you,

SueH said...

I’m sorry to be late in visiting but I’m now on day four of my quest to get round everyone this week. I know it’s going to take some time, but I wanted to say that it’s amazing that the internet can bring together so many likeminded people and I’m grateful that WOYWW has also brought along so many new friends, thanks to Julia.

As soon as you’re feeling back to 100% I’m sure that your mojo will be back to full strength too Morti. Until then just sit back and watch others make the mess. Hope you’re on the mend soon.

Enjoy your weekly snoop, especially as we’re celebrating WOYWW’s 4th Anniversary
Happy Crafting!
Sue @82

April said...

Congrats on the helper. :-) I sure hope you're feeling better soon and your mojo returns. April #125

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