Wednesday, 9 June 2021

WOYWW 627 - Not so flamin' June - and G7

Hello, lovely deskers!   Welcome back to another round of WOYWW...  that weekly bloghop looking at the underbelly of creativeness, the mess and mayhem that is our desks... LOL.

As I type this, the weather is typically British summer - drizzle but warm and distinctly muggy.  Yuk.  Despite this, we have a major influx of visitors to Cornwall (no surprise there) but this has been augmented and indeed frustrated by G7.  I live about 7 miles from Carbis Bay and Tregenna Castle, and it's causing a lot of trouble.  Road closures - including all the bridges and overpasses for the A30, the main road that runs down the spine of Cornwall - and full accommodation are making things difficult for locals and visitors alike, and we get daily flyovers of USAF Hercules etc.  Don't get me started on the parking issues in Falmouth, where the media circus are hanging out.

Regardless, I'm sat in my cosy little nook, keeping myself to myself, and busy plying my needle through fabric.  They can keep their shenanigans!

The desk this week is suffering a bit from "pile it high" syndrome - I've not had the opportunity to sit and clear it up but my fingers are itching again to get on with it...

I'd also like to say a bit thank you to my swappees for the ATCs - what a lovely little collection!  So thank you LLJ, Ali and Spyder for your lovely ATCs and postcards!  I loved the little folder Spyder sent her ATCs in (and the little spider on one of them - too cute... :D).

Stitching - Siren's Lament lies untouched, with good reason!  Myth & Magic Stitch Wars, round 14, is well under way and there's just too much confetti in it for me to get a good stitch count in a hurry on.

However, The Christmas Moose (why didn't they call it The Christmoose?) has had a significant amount of progress - you can even make out where the roofs will be on that side.  Loving working on this!

Peppermint Purple's SAL is up to date as of last week and today's chart is now out, so I'll be working on that shortly.

Lastly, my Field of... er... Ducks is coming along nicely.  There's good blocks of colour so yesterday evening I churned out over 320 stitches on it which was pretty awesome and very necessary - our clan had been "poisoned" by another clan and had to collectively stitch 1000 stitches as fast as possible to reduce the damage being caused over time.

Note the strategically positioned needleminder!

The "ducks" caused a bit of a hoot over on my YouTube channel last week, and I also coined another phrase, where SAL no longer stands for "Stitch-a-Long" but "Stitch-a-Later".  Seems a couple of folks are going to adopt that now... heheheheh

So that is that, this week.  I found this "funny" on the web this week and had to share it - it takes a bit of thinking about but is v clever...

Happy Hopping!



Lunch Lady Jan said...

Firstly, gotta love that needleminder! It’s fantastic and soooo you, lol! I think Christmoose is a much better title for what has to be one of my fav cross stitches of all time, it’s the soppy grin that just makes me happy!
Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

Mary Anne said...

OMG that MOOSE. I adore him - such personality! Saw your ATC on another blog, it's lovely and I wish I had had a spare. Oh well. You made me laugh about the confetti - have I share with you my stamp that says "Confetti is not a victimless crime?" I should stamp a few and send them off - I'm sure you will find use for them...

Back from my first real HAIRCUT in 18 months - truly a HAPPY WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I think the drizzle is due my way later, saves me watering the plants. At least we have our little crafty spaces and there's nothing like stitching this time of year. Your Christmoose is fantastic is there a scene amongst his antlers..??
Loving the happy mail pic, always puts a smile on our faces.
Happy WoywW, hope the sun comes out to play soon Hugs Tracey #13 x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That desk is bit more than piled high. It has everything but the kitchen sink on it. Beautiful ATCs and postcards. Nice collection. As always your cross stitch is amazing. That moose is to die for. Happy WOYWW from # 3.

Helen said...

I love the Christmoose too! I saw on the news this evening a fisherman got turned back from his lobsterpots by warship.... it's going to cause havoc for the county i can see. Hope you can keep well out of the way! Have a good week - if possible!! Helen #2

Neet said...

Do I detest fruit flies? Do I!!!
Love all the stitching you are doing and that Christmoose is fabulous. (Yes, let's rename him).
Well Morti, it is usually we, up north, who are on the end of the rain and you down south who get all the sunshine so please do not be envious of us in the sunshine at the moment. It really is a rarity that we have had a full week of it.
Hugs, Neet 5 xx

Crafting With Jack said...

I got the funny! It took me a minute and then it clicked. Perhaps he could be Chris Moose? Happy WOYWW Angela #12

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Lovely projects today and the ATCs too. You're not the only area having problems on the roads as the main road through Lincoln is now closed for eight weeks and it's causing massive hold-ups, just pleased I'm not trying to get to work. Have a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x17x

Debbie Rock said...

I know Carbis Bay! It is where Alfie & Nicola got married (at the hotel - the name of which I forget but is probably something like “Carbis Bay Hotel”). I love your moose - I used to immerse myself in cross stitching but no longer do any & recently sent all but a few of my pieces to the charity shop ... probably 30+ years work gone just like that! Have put aside one of Shaz’s keepsakes for you & will pop it in the post just as soon as I have your address. Take care, love Debbie xxx

Sarah Brennan said...

A busy week stitching Diane. Loving the Christmoose (a much better name indeed). Hope your clan manages to overcome the poisoning! Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

Lisa-Jane said...

I'm laughing so hard at the 'ducks'!! It took me a few minutes to remember the quote even though I think it in my head several times a day at the moment! Love seeing the progress on the moose too but I like the mas moose tongue twister! Bye for now, Lisa-Jane #8

roffeycreations said...

Hi Morti - the moose just gets better! Looking forward to seeing it complete (no pressure here) LOL! I am like every one seems to be "flat out like a lizard drinkin" to use an Aussie expression LOL! Have a great week - Stay safe & well - Cheers Maurs xxx #35

Lillianb said...

Loving all your stitching I loved stitching but the fingers have said pack it up lol

Take care and stay safe,

Lilian B #10

Spyder said...

ohooo no, I thought I'd 'been'! Afternoon, It's very hot here this Monday Morning and I'm very late for last weeks WOYWW!? Nice to see the ATC's found you okay! (Some of them I think have gotten lost!) haha...fruit flies like-a too! Moose is looking Keep Crafting, stay safe! Happy Late WOYWW!? ((Lyn)#26

Shoshi said...

You are very wise to avoid the political shenanigans taking place in your locality, Morti! Much better to stay home and do crafting. Your embroideries are just stunning... Lovely to see so much progress on the Christmas Moose, and I love your purple blackwork! Above all I loved your funny at the end - really made me laugh. I read it out to my hubby and he paused and said, "How profound." Lol!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi x #9

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