Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kings and Queens of England

You'll have to forgive me this little vagary on my normal posting.  Allow me to elaborate.

25 years ago I used to do a lot of babysitting, and one of the families had the following poem on the wall in their downstairs toilet.  I managed to take a copy of it, and then with the change of computer, lost it.

I've been looking online for YEARS to find another one - yet it's not out there.  In having a clear out of ancient paperwork that I've been trawling around with me for the last ten years, I came across a printed copy - YAY!  It seems to be a Victorian poem, but I've added six lines at the bottom to bring it up to date.  I'm putting it up here on my blog because I feel it needs to be out there on the web for everyone else to share, as it's nicer than the others I've seen (like Willy, Willy, Harry, Stee)! 


Kings and Queens of England

First William the Norman
Then William his son
Henry, Stephen and Henry
Then Richard and John
Next Henry the Third
Edwards one, two and three
And again after Richard
Three Henrys we see
Two Edwards, third Richard
If rightly I guess
Two Henrys, sixth Edward
Jane, Mary and Bess
Then Jamie the Scotsman
Then Charles whom they slew
Yet received after Cromwell
Another Charles too
Next James the second
Ascended the throne
Then good William and Mary
Together came on
Till Anne, Georges four,
And fourth William all past
Comes the reign of Victoria –
Long may it last!
Next Edward seven, George the fifth
Then there came a mighty tiff,
Cos Edward eight, he abdicated
So George the sixth was coronated.
Leaving us with Lizzy two
A queen who’s known by me and you!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Horrible Histories did the most fantastic Chas and Dave style musical skit about the very same issue. It was hilarious but very effective :) Hope you are feeling better today btw
LLJ xxx

Unknown said...

love how you brought it up to date ...wonderful

Shoshi said...

Oh Morti that's brilliant - especially your additions at the end - "coronated" to rhyme with "abdicated" - love it!! It's funny when you trawl the web endlessly for something you know should be there and isn't... I'm looking for a particular zentangle pattern but have now been reliably informed that it just isn't online. Can't think why someone doesn't put it up! (I would, but I don't know how to draw it, which is why I want it lol!!)

I was born 3 days before the Queen was "coronated" 59 yrs ago so feel a particular affinity! Not many people had TV in those days, and my mum watched it on the hospital TV.


Queenie Jeannie said...


And we're in Germany now, just coming from Italy. Crazy Americans...tormenting Europe, one country at a time, lol!

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