Wednesday, 8 December 2010

WOYWW 79 - the hurried one

Hurried because I should have left for work ten minutes ago!!!

Morning all!  Welcome to another WOYWW, and if you don't know what that is, go HERE to find out.  Jingle-some Julia (in the spirit of bells and Christmas, that is) is our guide, or maybe even just a rally point, for the wonder that is WOYWW. 

One thing I must redress - Welcome to my list of followers, Lavinia!

Well, last week I had most of you doing acrobatics at your desk.  Mr B thought some of your comments hilarious (as did I)  with them bringing to mind ladies with their heads cocked at funny angles to try and get a sense of the pic.

This week you'll be pleased to see that normality has returned mwahahahahah at least that's what everyone else thinks....

After the mayhem of last weeks desk, I managed to catch a shot of Lil Miss B in action (ok, this particular picture was taken on Friday night, and I was actually trying to get her to go to bed, but she's turning into a proper crafter with a "I just gotta....."  ROFL

Here is this morning's mayhem on my desk.  And overspill onto the chair.  I got barracked by Mr B for not tidying up after myself, but oh ho, who left the bits on my chair and didn't put them away?

Then we have the desk itself.  A polyglot mix of birthday and Christmas card manufacturing, with cards in various stages of work.  Finished ones, half finished ones, half started ones and then naked snowmen.....LOL  I think that one was a project for the halflings in Mr B's school.  Lurking on my WOYWW easel is a Tilda that Lil Miss B proudly coloured in with my Copics.  I didn't tremble much while she was using them, honest guv!

And so, finally, the ubiquitous Christmas Tree shot.  I love to put up a picture of my tree for my friends who can't get to my house and to say "Merry Christmas".  I love trees and decorations and stuff.  This year we're doing the "frosted american wedding cake" look..... heheheheheheh never let it be said I under-dress a tree 

So come on then, how do YOU dress yours?  Share a pic when you share a desk!!!

Catch you around...... 


Helen said...

Oh, I love your tree. I don't dress one at all, no room - but I really wish i did. Have a great week. #12

donnalouiserodgers said...

jumping junipers Morti - Where;s the Tree????

fab desk and 10/10 for letting little miss use the copics


Neet said...

Lil Miss B is only taking after you my dear. Just think what she will be like in a few years time! Upside is, she might share your stash but think - you can share hers when she gets earning and buying.
Love the tree - not putting mine up this year - got reasons (not that I am a complete misery) #21

Zue said...

Hi Morti
Your desk is a very friendly-looking place, busy but very organised. The tree is really pretty. I just use garden foliage which comes in nearer to the big day.
Have a lovely day
Sue xx 70
(P.S. I am getting on with things as per your comment.)

Joey said...


Gorgeous Tree!!! LOL I had to go in after my Syd and make sure she put all the lids back on my pens when she used them, She quickly got some of her own promarkers lol, Luckily I found a shop which sold them very cheap phew! nice that they follow in our footsteps!

Joey #29 xx

Lou Mac said...

Your brave letting another soul touch your Copics I must say.

As for your tree? Gorgeous!!


Susan said...

Hi Morti,
Lots happening at your desk. My Christmas tree is chock full of festivity too! I use really thick tinsel so the kids complain that you can't see any decorations!
Susan xxox #13

JoZart Designs said...

Gorgeous tree!
Lots of goings on on your desk there and great to see LilMissB in action too.
JoZarty x

oneoff said...

I think I see a faint tinge of a blush on those naked snowmen... I see Lil Miss B is turning out just like the rest of us with "I just gotta..." turning into another hour or so at the desk.

Bernie #81

donnalouiserodgers said...

I am starting up a refuge for abused Welsh nationals

it is a renegade albino tribble

I do have plans to go fog-knitting on the Tyne

The tree is there, if you look very VERY carefully....

ROFLMAO need my lady tena pads

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Wow, the tree is fantastic! Or the decorations are, he he. And you're fantastic to let little miss B use your markers, well done. Thanks for the snoop.

Maarit #37

Kath Stewart said...

thanks for the crafty snoop...what a busy desk...and love your beautiful tree...hugs kath xxx No 47

Anonymous said...

Hello crazy woman, whom I instantly like. Your tree has a fleur-de-lis... thus, I like you even more. I live in Louisiana... we live and breathe our fleur-de-lis around here.

Pam said...

Little Miss B gave me a chuckle. She reminds me of Amber when she was little and just look at her now! Lovin' your American Wedding Cake tree but for some strange reason I turned my laptop upside down to look at it from the reverse angle. Hmmm....FYI Looks pretty both ways!

donnalouiserodgers said...

so what are you waiting for - skype me - hee hee - actually drinking my cocoa felting my wool dreading my locks and going to bed -- so you have ten mins then I Am Gone...

see I checkback - Amy is SOOOO an 'Artist' and I love that she is unafraid

btw is that a giant fleur de lys on your tree? did you spear your angel?


Serendipity Stamping said...

Love the pic of Miss B trying to get her project done. And what a glorious tree you are sharing with us. Thank you. #92

Marjo said...

Sharing of the Copics can be a hard thing! My 9 yr grandkid uses mine too...Oh my how my heart beats faster when she She knows the rules, gentle touch and click them shut!

Love your gorgeous cards and workspace. Hugs, Marjo #45

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Morti, I'm impressed with Little Miss B. Good for you. I know you were a great influence in giving her the motivation to craft the night away. And good for you that you didn't grab the copics out of her hands.

Now THAT's what I call a proper tree in a room with enough space for a proper tree. Good for you and your "wedding" tree! It looks lovely in front of all those bookcases.

jude said...

I had to laugh little Miss B so much like my daughter nicking my cratroom chair and stuff,your so brave letting her use your copics i wont let my 13yrs old ,mind ms B looks older.Thats another think in common we have they dont tidy their mess!Have good week hugs judex#6

sandra de said...

Love the desk, love little mIss B and love the tree. I wish ... But, I have no tree, obsessed with tidying the desk and little miss C looks down her nose at my crafting. Thank goodness for woyww otherwise i might think I was a bit strange.

Spyder said...

oh wow you've been very busy! Load going on, My tree in still in it's box! Happy WOYWW! #53

donnalouiserodgers said...

you found me but my skype didn't ping - I am Derby - my bf is Kent - where I occasionally spend a break crafting and visiting Pickleberry papercrafts -

i have added you to contacts and will pounce when you least expect so make sure you do not sit naked at your PC ) warn your family too)

Anonymous said...

Oh that's a tree and a half you've got there! The other half currently residing on my front door of course! Love that Miss B has an interest in crafting, start them off young!

Brenda 83

Minxy said...

You wanna mind that tree doesn't buckle under all that decoration lol, but its very pretty, i'm about as festive as a heat wave, my tree is about 2 foot and is fiber optic, thats if i can be bothered to get it out the loft LOL
Great pics of the young prodigy at work :D

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh, you L'il Miss is a pro already - better just cave in and buy a second chair! Also - untidiness - yeah, I am..but never, never would I dump stuff ona chair..hell, where would I sit without having to tidy?!!

Anonymous said...

There's a tree under all that tinsel? Who knew! Great tree and a wonderful desk.

cheers, rachel #40

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i think little miss B needs her own desk!
wow, what a tree! i love it!
ours is decorated throughout Advent, an ornament for each good deed, and since we only put up the tree last Saturday, very sparsely decorated as of now.

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