Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Little Book of Purple

OK. Finally I have the time to blog about a little adventure I'm going on. Actually, it's probably a BIG adventure. And it's what I've referred to on Aunty's Forum as my "Rosie-ism", in homage to our fabulous artist over there, Rosie

Over on the UK STampers forum, a group of us have got together and are starting a Circle Journal. We've each selected a rubber stamp, and picked a colour. Mine is a stamp by PaperArtsy, from their Dolls 4 plate, and I've chosen purple. It's my favourite colour, and the colour of creativity. And so we're off.

I've done my pages and they're ready to post out on Monday - I just need to do some Inchies too, as the person I'm posting to is the host for the UKST inchy swaps (may as well kill two birds with one stone!).

First things first - here's a picture of the cover. My apologies if the pictures are a little dark - I need to work on the lighting in my "Studio"! The cover actually really gleams!

The backbones of the book, or rather the front and back covers, start out as chipboard. I've not included a pic of the back because it's the same as the front without the wording. I've covered the chipboard with a layer of tissue paper, glued on with PVA and wrinkled attractively, and into which I've liberally sprinkled Beadazzles and Judikins' ROXS. I've then painted over the lot with various shades of purple acrylic paint, including a metallic one. Once that dried, I rubbed over the top with silver ink to highlight the texture, and then created the wording. The letter "A" is just a sticker on some paper, the word "Little" is created from heat embossing on Mirri board, "Book" is stamped on Shrink plastic and shrunk, "of" is letraset on purple mirri board (though you can't read it due to reflection), and the "urple" of purple is dry embossed into metal - a piece of pie case, actually. The big P is a Basic Grey chipboard letter which I did with UTEE, and then Moonglow EP on top. Edged with Gold Twinkling H20s

Next up we have inside the cover, and the intro page. They pretty much speak for themselves, I guess. On the tag you can see, I have stamped the images I used in my pages.

Finally, we have my pages for the CJ. I'm into all sorts of things, so in picking my stamp (which came with a crown!) it was a natural progression to think of Crowns and link it to the colour purple, hence the Crown Chakra pages. It took me ages to think of what to do, but after a long while of contemplation, it finally came to me - and I just "saw" these pages. Not quite as they've turned out, cos I made a couple of booboos, but they're happy accidents... I'm not going to bore you by defining their meaning - I will leave that up to each individual to surmise what they will. Anyway, I've used the same purple paint for the background, and coupled it wit torn purple glittery paper. I've stamped "Field of Sand" across the background in Opalite ink to give the impression of waves, and used a scroll stamp to give the impression of clouds. I'm not sure where the moon came from - the page just needed something, and it happened! LOL

I like it - not sure anyone else will, but that is what art is all about, eh?

Next one coming to me is from Efemera (Gail), and her colour is "Grey". Oh my. I wonder what stamp she's used?


Fiona said...

These look stunning Diane - good luck with the CJ.

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing Diane....interesting choice in stamp...will have to put my thinking cap on as to what to do with it when it gets round to me!

Sarah said...

ooooh - love it - purple and the moon turn up a lot in my stuff too

I like that Field of Sand stamp (glad you found it!) - I have Field of Sky - maybe I need this one too..... this reducing my stamps thing isn't working out too well lol

Hazel said...

Very, very nice- The colour is so gorgeous on your page. I love purple- even if I am scared of the stamp ;D

Anonymous said...

that is rawkin kewl that two pager..(last pic)! beautiful work

Rosie said...

Oh Diane - what a compliment you've paid me! Thanks so much! I love your pages... and the texture on that cover is gorgeous! I wanted to reach out and touch it, it looks so good!
Great choice of stamp too... I got the Dolls Plate 2 last week and I haven't even used it yet! WTG you!

Claireabelle said...

It's fantastic Diane, and a great idea for a CJ

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