Thursday, 29 May 2008

Inspirational Cathy

Well, I had to come back on here and blog properly.

Another funny thing has happened. Kind of, though you as a reader may not think so. It's just one of THOSE things.

Every once in a while I think to myself "ooh, wonder what my fellow bloggers are blogging these days" and I hit one of the links over to the right to see what's up with my blogbuds. One thing usually leads to another, or as they say right here in blogland, one blog leads to another. So I went from Grendel to Bubba (you're going to try that in a mo, aren't you? See how I did it?) and from Bubba's blog I found the Scrappin' Rapper (yes really) which led to YouTube and I found Cathy Zielske. Except I didn't. I found some mad bird doing odd interviews and general humour plus a piss-take of Tom Cruise and Scrap Porn..... HEHEHEHEHEHE..... and eventually ended up back on her blog. I got there in the end. Her blog is linked to on the right - called "Bits & Pieces".

And I just want to say - Way to go, Cathy! You're an inspiration that us girls can do it just as well as Grendel and Bubba. We CAN take the mickey out of our hobby. We don't only have to blog what we've been doing and saying "what a good girl am I, here is my latest loorollpencilpotturnedintoacookiecutter."

Somewhere along the way I forgot who is me. Sorry Debs, it sounded funnier than "I am". And ME includes wit, humour, occasional rumbunctiousness, a most DEFINITE naughty side. Yes Debs, I'm referring to him.... And I REALLY really have to stop worrying about who is reading this. As long as it's not my other half, that is....LOL

So from now on, this blog is going to change. Oh yes, I'll still have my latest loorollpencilpotturnedintoacookiecutter, but I'll try and be funny with it. And if you don't like my particular brand of humour.... find another blog.


I said it.

Now where is that photo of my loorollpencilpotturnedintoacookiecutter?

PS. Cathy - I hope you don't mind that I snagged your photo from your blog......!!!

1 comment:

Fiona said...

Oh you devil you! LOL!

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