Monday, 22 January 2007

Where do I belong?

Hmmm, interesting, this. I saw this on another crafter's blog, Rachel (Taniwha's Lair) Millington's to be precise, and thought I'd have a go at it. And what does it come up with? I should be in Australia...... Hmmmmmm. Why not have a go yourself?

You Belong in Australia
Ace!Sunny, upbeat, and cuteYou make the perfect surf bumNow stop hogging the vegemite!

The question is, why is it so interesting? Because Nick & I would LOVE to go to Australia. Experiences in France haven't put us off living abroad, just put us off living in a non-English speaking country. Who knows, eh? Maybe in 10 years time......


Alli said...

oh Australia is lovely.. especially Perth!

Diane you can find me at my Ramblings are Useless apposed to your mad ones :) I was blogging well before young mr grendel started one, I have 5 years blogging up on him!

Morti said...

I have friends in Perth and Kalgoorlie.... would love to live there!

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