Wednesday, 22 June 2016

WOYWW 368 - welcome to the jungle...

So, another round of WOYWW has hit our desks, and frankly it finds me sat in the corner sucking my thumb, feeling distinctly non-creative.  However, that’s no reason not to join in, so here I am in the hope that joining in the blog hop as instigated by our lovely Julia Dunnit, and currently hosted by the equally lovely LLJ, will give me some much needed oomph in the creative mojo department.

Mind you, part of the problem may be down to the state of the craft room.  I can’t get any mojo to tidy it either, and it’s not like I don’t have a zillion things to do.  Like some cushion covers.  And lots of cards.  And some embroidery.  And a makeup bag.  I’m going to stop there before I overwhelm myself completely.  One step at a time.  Tidy the room.

Not that it’s been quiet around here, oh no.  Last Friday saw Lil Miss B’s last ever day at secondary school, with her going in to take her last GCSE (Physics, yuk, to quote she), so I grabbed a quick snap.  I’m not sure where the time has gone.  I did look down the back of the sofa for it but all I found was 3p, a couple of mouldy peanuts and an elastic band.

Friday night and Saturday saw me in attendance at Salisbury Cathedral where I joined the Salisbury Musical Society (such a mis-nomer, it always conjures up an image of smiling faces and docidoh-ing while singin “OHHHHHHHH! Klahoma! Where the wind...”!)  to perform Mozart’s Vespers and Karl Jenkins’ The Armed Man – a Mass for Peace.  An absolutely brilliant evening, the acoustics, as you would expect, were amazing and the soloists superb.  It was fun, but I’m not in any rush to join them permanently, as it will soon be panto season.... don’t start, you lot!.... and my Tuesday evenings will be taken up with other rehearsals and meetings and so on and so forth.
 The Last Post being performed by a member of The Light Brigade
 It wasn't without trouble - the Friday evening rehearsal saw the fire alarms going off with us all being kicked out of the cathedral - cue arrival of fit firemen.  But as I posted on FB in the week who ever would have thought that I'd get a photo of the Cathedral with a fire engine AND a cello! 

Lastly, t’was our 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday and hubster sent me this fantastic bouquet of flowers to commemorate the occasion.  He also bought me a very lovely Pandora charm.  Awww...

So that’s it for this week.  I will endeavour to visit as many of you as I can.  I’m aware there’s a couple of you wanting ATCs from me – we seem to be having a problem getting emails back and forth for addresses, but I do have a couple of spares if anyone wants to boost their collection at all!
Happy Hopping....!


Lisca said...

Wow that was an eventful week! Kids grow up so fast it is frightening!
I love The Armed Man. My DH has the CD and we listen to it often. I assume the fire alarm was a false alarm... Nevertheless....
As for your desk... nothing new. Mine looked like that too. No wonder I could never find anything on it!
Happy WOYWW,
Greetings from sunny Spain,

Helen said...

the pictures (and video) I saw on FB were fabulous - looks and sounded like you had a great time, you talented person you! Happy anniversary again, and I love the flowers from hubster! Helen #1

Twiglet said...

Happy anniversary - what a very lovely man to produce the flowers and a charm for you! The pics of the cathedral are lovely.x Jo

Sharon said...

Beautiful pictures!

LOL at what you found down the back of the sofa. Time does fly by doesn't it? I think my 'baby' turning 21 hit me harder than turning 40. It just seems like yesterday she was at my side and now she's out on her own. Sniff. Sniff.

Have a great week
Sharon K #37

Lunch Lady Jan said...

There's two cases of "I don't believe it' can Livvy have finished year 11 and how can it be your third wedding anniversary??? Can someone slow down time...pretty please. I'm pleased that the Salisbury cathedral gig went so well, it must have been amazing!
Hugs, LLJ xxxx

dmgarafalo said...

The mojo for tidying a craft room doesn't come until your inspired by your next project, it then becomes a necessity. Congrats on your anniversary! xoxoxoxo Donna #4

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Di, and Happy Anniversary. What a week you've had. Time does fly so fast, I agree. Clearly remember my grandson being born,seems like a couple of years ago, like Livvy, he's just done his GCSe's. Love and hugs to you all, Shaz #7 xxx

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