Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WOYWW 211 - last call for Roberts!

Late posting today.
And I don't really have a desk for WOYWW, that wonderful creation of the fabulous Miss Dunnit.
I'm still a little bit busy, as The Big Day is this Friday and I get to take a new married surname instead of using my old married one.  I could have gone back to my maiden name but I'm a cheapskate.  There, I said it.
Anyway, I don't really have a desk so I've posted up a picture of what I HAVE been working on lately - two nights this week, I turned a  marzipaned fruitcake into this.  I don't have to worry if it will eat alright - my Mum (bless her) made it, and having had about 70 years practice at this kind of thing will no doubt have turned out another awesome work of edible art.  She makes the best fruit cakes I know of.  Apologies to those who have already seen this cake on Facebook yesterday.
The second picture is something else I'm now working on for the wedding - hair slides for myself and  Lil Miss B... I'd be lying if I said the bouquets were finished but they're 99% done, just requiring a needle and thread on both, and a few more buttons/beads on one.

So - enjoy your hopping, my apologies that I don't reciprocate with any visits and comments,  but I really think I'm going to be otherwise engaged married this week!



famfa said...

Congratulations. Hope you have a wonderful day. Cake and hair accessory look fab.
Famfa 113

Sarah said...

I hope the big day goes brilliantly, huge congrats to yourself and David both xx

jill said...

Happy wedding day for this Friday . Sending you wishes of much happiness together. Lovely the cake . Jill #64

voodoo vixen said...

I don't mind seeing your lovely cake again! Oooh so close now... hope you get the bouquets finished toot sweet! LOL I haven't seen a photo of them yet... hint hint... Have a wonderful day Friday... remember, once the time arrives, you have done your part, no matter what hiccups occur, it is your day, let someone else sort them and enjoy yourself! Annette #9

Jacqueline said...

Congratualtions and hope your day goes brilliantly!

Jackie xx

p.s. That cake looks delicious! LOVE fruitcake :D

Jackie said...

Good luck with the wedding this week

Helen said...

I think you can be excused visiting us this week, Morti! the cake looks fabulous (I don't mind seeing it again at all) and so do the hairslides.
I would like to wish you and your intended the very best of luck in a long and happy marriage, starting Friday - woop woop!! (I didn't go back to my maiden name either, for largely the same reason!)

Have a great time on Friday, and share some photos whenever you can.

much love
Helen (31) xxxxx

Katie said...

CONGRATS on the marriage (soon)!! Love that comb :)

Katie 127

Eliza said...

Good for you I hope all goes well on the big day. Wow something really exciting, make sure someone gets some really good photos I want to see them all. Love the cake and the hair slide especially the color.

Good luck.
Eliza & Yoda 25


Noreen said...

Wow! Your cake looks amazing, fantastic piping too, I'd never even think of attempting anything like that.

Have a wonderful day on Friday. Wishing you both every happiness as Mr & Mrs x

CraftygasheadZo said...

Eeeeekkkk exciting week. Hope you have a super day and enjoy every minute of it. Look forward to seeing the photos!! Take care Zo xx 77

d said...

Wow I hope your day is what you always wanted! The cake looks lovely so do the purple hair sliders. I wish you all the best in your busy week! Hugs, Dorothy woyww #135

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hey there! It's getting close now! The camera batteries are charging as we speak and my top has arrived..yay. Looking forward to Friday :-)
LLJ 43 xxxx

Glenda said...

sounds like congratulations will be soon the order of the day! Hope you have a great rest of the week!
Glenda #99

Christine said...

How wonderful!
Every one deserves a second chance, or in my case a third!
Hope the sun shines on you all on Friday - will be thinking of you.

Bishopsmate #125

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Morti
I'm glad you posted as I wanted to wish you well for the big day.
I'm sure you will have a great day, I have organised the sun to shine down on all those fab buttons

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Morti
I'm glad you posted as I wanted to wish you well for the big day.
I'm sure you will have a great day, I have organised the sun to shine down on all those fab buttons

Nan G said...

The cake looks scrumptious. And I love the hair bob! You seem very excited so I will wish well on the upcoming event and life. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #3

ria gall said...

wow you must be so excited with the wedding so close I hope you have a fantastic day and everything goes to plan. Loving the cake wow how amazing
have a great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
Ria #47

Unknown said...

Karen #46

akilli melek said...

morti hope you have a wonderful day on friday. those all look lovely. just snooping this week
caroline (akilli_melek)

Julia Dunnit said...

I commented on Fb but wanted to say, every Desker wishes you happiness. Have a fab day tomorrow.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sounds like congratulations are in order. Lovely colors, too. Have a great slightly late WOYWW and wonderful wedding from #17.

sandra de said...

Congrats, I am so late getting around that I can wish you a wonderful wedding.

Sandie said...

Amazing, Morti! It is all so original and beautifully done. Late visiting, so now the cake is eaten.. and I've seen the finished bouquets. They looked spectacular !

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