Friday, 1 January 2010

Goodbye '09, Hello '10....

Well, there it was and here it is.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all have had a great Christmas, and haven't over-indulged too much? This she says, stuffing yet another mince pie in her mouth because they need using up and it's an after lunch treat!

We spent Christmas here, as usual, and the folks came to see us. Mother announced that Christmas next year is at her's in London. Eek. Not too daunting a prospect other than wondering where we're going to walk the dogs....safely.

Santa was kind to me in '09, bringing me a Bind It All, and various other craft goodies along the lines of Cosmic Shimmer products and Paper Artsy stamps, all of which I look forward to playing with this year. I've spent a couple of days bushwhacking my way into my craft room which became a general dumping ground while we redecorated the lounge and dining room. I can now see my desk, and once I move the pile of magazines off my chair, will actually be able to sit down and do some work. Top of the urgent list is a CJ which must, nay WILL, be done today, so I can post it tomorrow. I then have some pink beads to make for a certain someone which I promised months ago. I haven't forgotten! I also have to make an altered matchbox for one of my friends who seems to be acquiring dead bees. Sounds odd, but go with it for a moment. She doesn't actively collect them, nor does she keep them, she just seems to find them. Don't ask me how. So I promised to make her a "B" box. LOL.

Well, must run. We are, in theory, taking the decorations down today, a few days early, because the weather is cold and dry and ideal for removing the outside lights and packing them away, and He Who Must Be Obeyed suggested that it would be a good time to do the tree as then we can put everything away in the loft at once and have done with it. Bah Humbug I say....

PS. No news from Dr Geek yet.........

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